Banbury Guardian – Banbury BID’s Ambitious Marketing Strategy (19 July 2021)

Ambitious Marketing Strategy for Banbury Takes Shape and Gets Results

The Banbury Business Improvement District, known as the BID, presented a comprehensive marketing plan in April 2021 to local businesses during the annual general meeting.

The 64-page document set out initiatives designed to increase visitors to the Town Centre, create a welcoming environment that attracts new businesses, and provide a platform to revitalise the town centre. In turn, this will have a positive impact on the economy of the Banbury.

Yolanda Fletcher, Manager Banbury BID commented:

“Since April, the BID team have been working diligently on many new projects, working closely with our key partners, in local authority Banbury Town Council, Cherwell District Council and Oxford County Council to improve the environment, feel and perception of Banbury Town. We continue to have meetings around the town with levy payers and received very positive feedback on the new strategy”.

Strengthening partnerships is key to the success of the strategy, in the short period since the launch of the document the BID has developed or improved strategic links to transport providers such as Stagecoach and Chiltern Railways. With Experience Oxfordshire and large stakeholders such as Castle Quay welcoming this refreshed approach. A simple example of what can be achieved by working positively with business and commerce, is that Banbury is now advertised on the London to Birmingham trains that are equipped with digital advertising.

Yolanda continued,

“Raising awareness of what Banbury has to offer and developing tourism, in harness with our partners and Town Centre attractions, will bring much needed revenue to our local businesses. It will keep our town centre alive and ensure employment and opportunities for the residents of the town. Supporting initiatives, such as buying local, and encouraging business to business opportunities within the town are some of our key strategies”.

The various activations are wide ranging such as a holistic approach to media engagement, developing tourism, community engagement, improving environment, partnership working, consumer marketing, developing experiences and supporting new events. The BID will also revisit some of its traditional successes such as the Christmas Light Project and will enhance and improve them for 2021.

Claire Dempster, owner of Sheila’s Sweets, Parsons Street, Banbury commented:

“I am so pleased with the tourism plan for promoting Banbury and the professionalism of Yolanda and her team. All businesses will benefit from this type of marketing. I have been invited to work with the BID on a new project and very excited they are taking my ideas on board”.