Be Clean in Banbury

The coronavirus situation has been hard on everyone, particularly our friends in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Right now, we have an important role in helping people feel confident to return to Banbury town centre.

Among other things, we have a responsibility to make Banbury more vibrant.

Our business plan details how we plan to do this over our five-year term.

Part of this means increasing footfall during quieter trading periods and enhancing the appearance of our town centre.

We’ve pledged to make Banbury more vibrant and attractive.

We want people to feel confident to come back to shop, eat, drink and visit our town centre.

So, there has never been a better time for us to spruce up the town.

Sprucing up Banbury

In an effort to clean up Banbury and make visitors feel safe and confident to return, we’ve teamed up with Kärcher Center Banbury.

Our 2020 Banbury Clean project started on July 15th with the Market Square but will move onto other key areas.

An experienced Kärcher team is using a hot water pressure washer to clean the central locations of Banbury town centre.

Our Town Hosts will be working alongside the cleanup team to help capture some before and after shots using a GoPro!

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The video from the Market Place clean up can be viewed here!