Better for visitors

Budget £90,100 over five years

Businesses told us…

  • Banbury needs to improve to attract more visitors
  • The High Street needs to be made more attractive

Banbury BID will:

The BID plan is to significantly raise standards within the town centre for both existing customers and the increased visitor numbers we plan to attract.

  • Employ our own street warden team to react quickly to problem issues, such as litter, graffiti or street begging. They would also troubleshoot any issues and lobby the relevant organisation to take prompt action
  • Introduce initiatives to improve the appearance of long-term vacant units whilst working to develop a new role for them, including the encouragement of new businesses into the town to occupy them
  • Link with public transport operators to encourage better services at key times
  • Lobby for improvements to the provision, appearance and maintenance of public areas
  • Lobby for parking charge reductions for specific trading periods
  • Make an additional investment in the Banbury pop-up initiative to expand the imaginative use of empty business spaces
  • Work with partner organisations to improve key gateway sites, including Banbury railway station