Better promoted

Budget £205,000 over five years

Businesses told us…

  • Banbury is an attractive market town with great potential and focus is required to educate and inform local people
  • Promote the unique selling points of Banbury

Banbury BID will:

The BID plan is to invest in promotions and to work with others to provide unified and collective marketing activities which gain more impact and avoid duplication.

  • Create a strong and co-ordinated communications strategy in order to take the marketing and promotion of the town to the next level and to work with local, regional & national partners to pool both ideas and resources and to avoid conflict or duplication of effort
  • Develop a focused ‘brand identity’ for the town, (i.e. what does Banbury stand for?) to provide a strong platform for all marketing and promotion undertaken
  • Carry out regular market research to establish how local people and visitors to the town think it could be improved
  • Arrange key promotions around Banbury events, food & drink venues, the key retail offer and our strong range of speciality independent businesses
  • Create a library of strong branding images and information in a recognisable ‘housestyle’ for our businesses and partner organisations to use to promote Banbury
  • Create targeted promotions to increase footfall during currently quieter trading periods
  • Develop quarterly leaflet campaigns to highlight the strengths of Banbury to key and targeted surrounding catchment areas, based on demographic profiling, where we are aware that people do not visit Banbury as often as we feel they should
  • Establish and co-ordinate strong social media campaigns to promote the town
  • Fortify links with partner organisations to develop collaborative projects which better promote the town’s regional & national profile
  • Organise website development and projection
  • Use our high-quality branding and imagery to support a series of year-round promotions with our principal partner organisations