Following up on my previous email regarding joint procurement across BIDs for business readiness products. The response has been fantastic and I will get to speak to you all, please bear with me.

From initial discussions I can see that a few BIDs and BID businesses are starting to procure items in isolation and while everyone wants the cheapest deal we need to be very careful.

Please be aware that there are a lot of new suppliers setting up as providers of PPE, and the market is being flooded with fake or inferior products.

Masks are a major fake item
3- ply masks are generally not for protection, they are to limit the spread of moister from the wearer. They generally don’t have a certification and their quality can vary greatly. Reputable companies will show you evidence of moister retention i.e. testing videos.

FFP2, FFP3, KN95 and respirator N95 are medical grade masks which protect the user. These should be CE certified. A copy of the certification should be provided. However we are seeing fake certificates being provided so be careful.

Providers:  Proir to placing any orders please do your due diligence on the supplier. Check out how long they have been trading or providing these products, and their reputation. Do they have a company number? Are they VAT registered? Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of their insurances which cover the products or services you are procuring.

Beware if you are being asked to pay in full in advance to secure an order.

Check on lead times and delivery costs.

If you are looking to place an order in the near future, feel free to send me the supplier details and costs and we’ll do a quick check on the supplier and product for you.

If you are looking to procure in the future then please consider collaborating with the National BID Buying Group framework. We are seeing massive difference in costs against volumes.

Andrew Childers
Commercial Director
01444 416529
07771 634611