Our Retail, Leisure And Hospitality Businesses Need You!


At this time tens of thousands of shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and leisure businesses are currently unable to access Government grants. It should be noted this is putting millions of jobs at risk.

Obviously, we want to support our town centre and protect our members in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. Unquestionably we are backing a unified national campaign calling on the Government to #RaiseTheBar.

What is the #RaiseTheBar campaign?

The #RaiseTheBar campaign is being spearheaded by Croydon BID. The aim is to support members in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector.

Above all, it is asking the Central Government to expand the rateable value threshold from £51,000 to £150,000. Importantly, this would allow those affected in the sector to access to the £25,000 grant in order to survive.

Along with others, we have co-signed a letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Rt. Hon. Alok Sharma MP.

You can visit raisethebarcampaign.com for more information.

What does this mean for Banbury?

We estimate around 6% of our members in this sector have a rateable value of more than £51,000, therefore no access to the £25,000 grant. We strongly believe the threshold is too low to provide adequate support to these businesses in their time of need. Undoubtedly amending the rateable value from £51,000 to £150,000 would save even more businesses and jobs in Banbury.

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