COVID-19 has introduced a new pastime for the UK population as lockdown has persisted. So, for this week’s TWTBbWTW, we thought we would review the week with 7 questions covering the main daily topics. Let’s see how clever you are:

Q1 Monday 11th May – Bb launched a new toolkit for BIDs as they plan for the recovery of the UK economy. It uses the letter ‘R’ (best known right now as the reinfection rate that the government need to keep below 1) to explain the stages of economic revival. How many R’s make up the new toolkit?

Q2 Tuesday 12th May – The UK government’s Job Retention (or ‘furlough’) Scheme has made grants available to employers to help to pay for staff during the emergency. Which government minister announced to Parliament that the scheme would be extended until October?

Q3 Wednesday 13th May – The new Bb Advisory Board met virtually for the 3rd time since the lockdown started. Who is the Chair of this new industry group?

Q4 Thursday 14th May – Bb reported that a new group for industrial BIDs had met for the first time. The Chair of the new group is Steve Sawyer who is Executive Director of which BID?

Q5 Friday 15th May – One UK BID has led a national campaign to ‘raise the bar’ at which the rateable value of leisure, hospitality and retail businesses gain government assistance. The Chief Executive of this BID was interviewed in a Bb podcast. Which BID is it?

Q6 Saturday 16th May – Graham Norton hosted the first ‘virtual’ Eurovision Song Contest which awarded ABBA with the best winning song ever, Waterloo. Which seaside European BID city hosted the competition in 1974 which saw the Swedish band claim victory?

Q7 Sunday 17th May – The 2020 Rich List saw the fortunes of many millionaires and billionaires tumble. The richest of them, though, was announced as James Dyson, a vacuum cleaner inventor who recently bought a 21,000 sq. ft. apartment in a city centre tower block which cost him £43 million. The same south east-Asian city has also recently announced that it is exploring the development of BIDs. Which city is it?

Submit your answers by 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday 19th May) to Those with every answer correct will be entered into a draw and the winner will receive a bottle of champagne. Results will be announced at 12 noon on Wednesday 20th May and the champagne will be posted first class!