Banbury Cakes

The Banbury cake, a delicious pastry filled with currants and spices has been enjoyed by locals since the 1500’s, with the first written mention dating back to 1586. 

The Banbury cake today is an oval-shaped pastry and became similar to an Eccles cake since the mid-1800’s.  However, earlier versions were believed to have been quite different and more like a scone or cake made with a dough.

Along with the main ingredient of currants, the filling would typically include mixed peel, brown sugar, rum, and nutmeg.  

Originally made and sold exclusively in Banbury, it is believed they were made and sold around the country and possibly shipped overseas.

Made to a secret recipe for over 400 years we are delighted to be able to share with you a version of the recipe so that you can make some of our tasty local delicacy for yourself.

With special thanks to Heritage Cards.