Celebrating an Artistic Revamp

Celebrating the Artistic Revamp of the Former Robert Keith Car Sales Site on Cherwell Street.

Banbury, UK – The former Robert Keith Car Sales Site on Cherwell Street is set to undergo a vibrant transformation as Banbury BID unveils a stunning mural created in collaboration with the talented artist Elyse Blackshaw. This artistic endeavor, sponsored by Chiltern Railways and hosted by Banbury BID, has brought together the community in a series of workshops to craft a mural that will breathe new life into the site.

Inspired by the memories of Banbury and the love for its people, the budding artists in the workshops poured their creativity into drawing a mural that captures the essence of the town and its community. The project, spearheaded by Elyse Blackshaw and supported by Chiltern Railways, has not only beautified the site but also fostered a sense of belonging and pride among the participants.

Jasmine said, “It is fantastic to see this project come to fruition. As I have an artistic background myself it is really nice to see this site brightened up. Not only does it look brilliant, it is one of the first things visitors see when entering the town from the railway.” 

With over 200 individuals actively participating in the creation of this magnificent mural, the former Robert Keith Car Sales Site has been transformed into a colorful masterpiece that reflects the spirit and vibrancy of Banbury.