Projects 2022

The Banbury BID Business Plan sets out a series of proposed projects based on 5 core themes.
Here’s are some of those we are working on in 2022.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022

We are looking forward to celebrating the the Jubilee this year!

We will be working with Banbury Town Council, Cherwell District Council and the fantastic Banbury BID Businesses to make it a spectacular and  memorable ocassion.

BID Support Banbury FM Digital Licence

We are delighted to support Banbury FM with their application for a Small-Scale Digital Radio Multiplex License.

Having worked extensively with local media to showcase upcoming events, generate interest in proposed schemes, and inform the people of Banbury on issues that are relevant and important to them, we feel that obtaining this license would greatly benefit the community.

Banbury FM have been making an excellent job of serving the needs of the people of Banbury. Working with them is always a rewarding and positive experience, however, to make it truly meaningful for the whole population of Banbury, the granting of a Small-Scale Digital Radio Multiplex License to them is a vital next step.