The Banbury Sun

The Experience Banbury logo is inspired by the figure of the sun which has been associated with Banbury for many years.  As you explore and enjoy Banbury the ‘sunshine town’ you will notice the sun is featured in much of Banbury’s architecture and décor.

Sunshine has many connotations including happiness, light and positivity, and we certainly hope you are filled with those as you Experience Banbury. 

The sun is featured on Banbury’s coat of arms along with the town motto ‘Dominus Nobis Sol et Scutum’ which translates as ‘The Lord is our sun and shield’. 

The Banbury coat of arms also features a castle (Banbury Castle), crossed swords in reference to the Civil War and a lady on a white horse, in reference to the well know nursery rhyme ‘Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross’.